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Bear Bagels

By Chef Erik Koel

Chef Erik Koel – Yarra Valley

Bagels to lose yourself in

Bear Bagels was born at Easter in 2020, as Melbourne locked down and went into hibernation.

Baker and chef Erik Koel had closed up shop at his Healesville cafe, Hominy Southern Kitchen, which was just a year old. Times were tough for hospitality venues, especially fledgling ones.

To keep busy, Erik began making hot cross buns out of our home kitchen to supply our friends’ Mitcham cafe, The Mabel.

Having spent years as a baker at Silo in Canberra, at Melbourne’s Rathdowne Street Food Store and at Healesville’s Innocent Bystander/Giant Steps, Erik found that returning to baking was like coming home.

He began making bagels and other baked treats, and delivering them to The Mabel and locally in Healesville.

As lock down eased, markets started up again. Erik started baking through the night, then heading straight to a market, accompanied by our hardworking 13-year-old, Lu, to see everything snapped up in few hours.

Our home kitchen couldn’t keep up with demand.

It was time for a proper set-up. It was time for a fully equipped Bear Bagelry.

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Bear Bagels also supplies Montréal-style bagels and German soft pretzels, plus cinnamon buns, coffee-pecan sticky buns, canelé and more.


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